Rotary 9455 is the biggest Rotary district in Australia, encompassing most of Western Australia.
The official boundary of Rotary International District 9455 is defined as:
District 9455 – Australia – Western Australia, that portion bounded on the west by the Indian Ocean; on the north by that ocean and the Timor Sea; on the south by the Swan River from its mouth at Fremantle, thence following the centre of the river easterly until it intersects with the Windan Bridge, thence south along the Graham Farmer Freeway, continuing along Orrong Road until its intersection with the Roe Highway, thence following Welshpool Road East until its intersection with Canning Road, thence south-easterly and then south along Canning Road to its intersection with the Brookton Highway. Follow the Brookton Highway south-easterly to Brookton, thence following the Brookton-Corrigin Road to Corrigin, thence following the Bruce Rock-Corrigin Road to Bruce Rock. From Bruce Rock following the Bruce Rock-Merredin Road to Merredin. From Merredin following the line of the Trans Australian Rail Line easterly to the eastern boundary of Western Australia, and on the east by that boundary to the Timor Sea.
On 26 August 2018, the district had 48 Rotary clubs with 1192 active and 157 honorary members, 5 Rotaract clubs, 4 Interact clubs and 2 EarlyAct clubs. The different clubs attract primary school, high school and university students, young professionals, mature professionals and members from all walks of life who are keen to network and give back to their communities.