District Governor 2023-24
Ineke Oliver (Geoff)  
In her professional life, Ineke has been a film assistant (she and her husband Geoff had their own film production company), a legal secretary and later moved into education as a teacher and then Principal of an independent school.
She has been involved with volunteer organisations all her adult life wherever she and her family have lived in NSW, ACT, Singapore and WA. Ineke and Geoff have two children and three grandsons and enjoy travelling around Australia (often in their caravan) and internationally.
Ineke has been a Rotarian since 2008 and held almost all positions at club board level at Swan Rotary (formerly Rotary Club of Swan Valley) having been President twice. She is passionate about Rotary and helping Rotarians gain the skills they need to share their Rotary stories with others effectively.
Ineke will be our District Governor for 2022-23 for D9455 and then from 1st July 2023, will be the District Governor for the whole of Western Australia as we move to one District – Rotary Western Australia, District 9423.