Aboriginal Reference Group

Mission & Membership 2021-22

Rotarians of District 9455 and the Aboriginal people of Western Australia have mutually agreed to take time and develop trustful and respectful relationships with each other in order to understand each other’s unique cultural perspectives, history and contemporary issues and thereby be able to facilitate the advancement of ALL Western Australians, in particular Aboriginal People.
This mutual relationship will have three foci:
· To facilitate, mentor, teach and coach so that each cultural group develops new coping capacities;
· To emphasise long-term sustainable outcomes.
· To avoid the traditional passive welfare approach, replacing it with healthy
Chair: Rosslyn Marshall (City)
Members                                                                      Aboriginal Consultants
DG Dee Buckland (Kalamunda)                                    Gordon Cole (Noongar)
DGE Ineke Oliver (Swan)                                               Karen Jacobs (Noongar)
PDG Phillip Skelton (Armadale)                                    Taliah Payne (Nimanburu)
PDG Sylvia Byers (Mosman Park)                                  Vacant
PDG Graham Peden (Perth)                                          Vacant
PP  Gary Slee (Karratha)                                               Vacant
Tiffany Vale (Kalamunda)                                             Vacant
Dawn Brodie (Osborne Park)                                       
Dominic Carrington (Perth)                                         Other Consultants
Geoff Harris (Education Services)                                 Dr Andrew Turk (Adjunct Professor, Murdoch)
Bruce Dufty (Western Endeavour)
Dr Colin Hughes (City)
Matthew Alexander (Kalamunda Rotaract)
Invited Guests
Although the ARG speaks to Clubs, it also extends invitations to Rotarians from both D9455 and D9465 where they express interest in the ARG’s activities.