Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotary Friendship Exchange is an activity in which Rotarians [and their partners] can spend a few days in the homes of Rotarians in another country.
The goal of the Program is to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace through person to person contacts across international boundaries.
Our District has previously hosted Teams from District 1100 [Cotswolds UK], District 5110 [Oregon USA] and District 5020 [Vancouver Island Canada]. Our Teams have made reciprocal visits to Districts 1100 and 5020 as well as D6930 [Turin/ Denoa Italy] and District 2440 [West Turkey]. Future visits to District 1100 [Cotswolds UK] again and to District 6930 [Florida USA].
Rotarians interested in any aspect of Friendship Exchange should contact the District contact.

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Updated 2022-07-11