Donations and Contributions
There two bank accounts that can be used to make contributions:
For Club Donations (TRF):
St. George Bank
Acct Name: The Rotary Foundation
Acct No: 100345225
BSB No: 332 084
For Individual Donations (TARFT):
St. George Bank
Acct Name: The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust
Acct No: 551038195
BSB No: 332 084
Contributions to TARFT Account (THE AUSTRALIAN ROTARY FOUNDATION TRUST) will generate a TAX RECEIPT for the individual tax deductibility.
When completing the bank transfer, please write your club number in the description section. Also please email a copy of the bank receipt, or Rotary Foundation Contribution Form, to   
If you are making a donation on behalf of multiple donors, select the second option for Individual Donations with the transfer directed to “The Aust Rotary Foundation Trust”. When you send the email to RISPPO you can include a list of the members donating, their ID numbers and the individual amounts.
 Please ‘cc' the District Chair  on your email so that the paper trail can be followed if there is any problem.